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With over 20 years of FULL TIME experience in the Real Estate Industry, I completely enjoy & understand the real estate market.  I am able to offer our agents one on one training, where they obtain a quick grasp and understanding of the marketplace, which allows buyers and sellers to have a better understanding & trust as it pertains to their transactions. Being members of a few  Multiple Listings Services (New Jersey Multiple Listing, Garden State Multiple Listing & NYMLS ) allows for our clients to get the ultimate exposure to thousands of buyers, sellers and realtors.


The name GilMORE was chosen, not only because it bears my last name, but also because we actually give MORE than our clients expect (pleasantly surprising most of them). Working with GilMORE Realty will get you the "BEST" Real Estate experience... I promise!

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My Story

Prior to getting my Real Estate license, I started a Personnel (Temp) Agency where I placed temporary and permanent employees in corporate settings.  After 9-11, and some personal family matters, I had to pivot and close down that business.  I got into real estate because I was told by someone "Real Estate would be the perfect career move for you."  They told me that "I could sell a man with no feet some shoes."  When someone has that much confidence in you, it makes you want to fulfill their expectations. So, that's exactly what I did! I have never looked back or regretted making the decision to be in the Real Estate business for the past 20+ years. This decision has helped many individuals, as well as myself, realize our Real Estate goals and dreams.  The relationships that I have built throughout the years have been very valuable; and I look forward to continuing the journey with my present/past and future clients, as I continue to give them, and  their referrals the absolute best service!


Contact me today to schedule your free phone consultation.

I look forward to connecting with you! 


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